For all the Ghanaians who are in need of a reliable online loan lenders could check the below list, please read their reviews before you apply.

1. Ghana Home Loans – Start your online mortgage application here. Before you complete the application form, make sure you refer to the requirements for your type of mortgage. Supply your personal and other details to enable us quickly process your request and give you prompt feedback.

Please Note! Instructions on how to use the form. To complete this form you may need soft copies of the following items:
1. Passport photo of applicant(s)
2. Photo Identification
a. Passport
b. Drivers License and a second ID
3. Proof of address
4. Latest bank statement (3 months)
5. Credit report(where available)
6. Vendor’s offer letter or sale and purchase agreement.
Self employed applicants should also include the following:
7. Personal/ business bank statements for 3 years.
8. Financial statements for last 3 years, certificate of incorporation and certificate to commence businessThe confidentiality of your information is important to us and we recognise that you do business with us based on your belief that we will keep your information confidential.
Kindly read our privacy policy regarding your information shared with us.

2. Fido Credit – Fido Credit is a financial institution based in Accra, Ghana and licensed by Bank of Ghana. FIDO provides fast and easy short-term loans, called FIDO Loans. Our customers can apply for a FIDO Loan directly from their own mobile device or in FIDO’s branch and receive a credit decision within minutes.

The loan is available to salaried, contracted and self-employed professionals. No collateral or guarantors are required – just a one-time verification of ID and bank account is necessary before disbursement. Our customers can receive their cash within 1 business day.


> Fast
> Easy
> Secure
> Anytime, anywhere
> No application fees
> No collateral
> No guarantors
> No wahala!

3. Blue Horizon Money Lending Vision – People have dreams and are sometimes overwhelmed with their dreams. They dream of acquiring assets but the fact is that they cannot see their dreams becoming a reality. This is where we come in to bridge the gap between you and your dream. Just dream it and we will transform your dream into reality.

4. Orbit Money Lending – Orbit money lending is offering the below financial services to all Ghana citizens.

Personal Loans

Quick individual loans for school fees, rent payment, funeral and medical expenses. Collateral security is required.
Medium, small and micro business finance

A loan for business purposes to meet working capital deficiencies, startup capital, clearing of goods and other business related projects.Collateral security is required.

Receivable Discounting

A loan against the discounted value of the invoiced amount of account receivables. Collateral security is required.

Vehicle Financing

This product allows our clients to buy a new or used car by paying only a small down payment and the rest in monthly installments over a period of up to 2years. Collateral security is required.



Fixed Investment

Borrowing from the public and high net worth individuals for attractive interest returns.

Local Purchase Order Finance

Providing funds to fulfill local purchase orders. Funds from the issuer of the purchase order will be tied to Orbit Money Lending. Collateral security is required.

Trade Finance

Financing of commerce activities based on a proven market availability. Collateral security is required.

5. Advans Ghana – is a financial institution which offers Ghanaian SME’s, micro entrepreneurs and individuals the opportunity to grow their businesses.

Advans Ghana School Development Loan

Advans Ghana School Development Loan is targeted at privately owned registered pre-school, primary, JHS and vocational schools, to aid in the overall development of future school projects. These include expansion projects as well as purchase of other assets


Flexible Repayment
Competitive interest rates
Flexible collateral policy

Advans Ghana SME Loan

These are loans designed to support SME businesses. We offer both working capital loans and investment loans. The working capital loan is tailor made for businesses to purchase stocks and to clear goods. The investment loan is designed to support Medium and Large businesses to purchase fixed assets, for building, refurbishment, business rent, etc.

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