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SnapCredit provides instant credit solutions to employees. We collaborate with employers and provide their staff with an online platform to access loans.

Our platform eliminates all the hassle and gives employees instant 24/7 access to credit at very competitive and fair rates.

More and more employers are inundated with requests from their employees for financial assistance.

Bank loans and Micro-finance loans take weeks to secure, come at high interest rates and require paperwork from both the employee and his employer.

SnapCredit provides a technologically driven alternative to accessing credit.

How it Works ?

Apply online

Employee applies for a loan on his mobile, tablet or PC.

Get your money

Real time verification. Once verified – money is sent to the employee’s bank account instantly


Done by the employer in the form of monthly deductions from the employee’s salary.

Access credit in minutes!

SnapCredit Limited is an authorized, regulated direct moneylender based in Lagos.

The company has been active in Nigeria since 2014 and is part of the Snap-Capital financing group (, which focuses on providing innovative, technology driven financial services in emerging markets.

Why choose SnapCredit ?

We’re responsible

We make sure your employees will not get into a debt trap when taking credit from us.

We’re totally transparent

Employers & borrowers have full access to our online reporting system.


By leveraging technology we are able to provide credit at very competitive and fair rates. Guaranteed!

ioumoney online loan guide

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