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ioumoney online loan guide

Aella takes the hassle out of Finance – whether you are a business or an individual, we put control back in your hands with simple, straightforward products. 
Borrow, Invest, Grow.

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We get it – we could all use a little spare cash sometimes. That’s why we made the app for you. Emergency, business, quick trip? It’s simple and easy to access funds.

Build credit and get better terms

The whole platform is designed with you in mind – to help you access more funds and pay lower rates by doing the following:

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Start by taking your first loan, repay on time, and you’ll automatically be eligible for a higher amount on your next loan.

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Borrow 3 more times and repay each on time, over at least a 3-month period, and get reduced interest rates subsequently.

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You’re already a superstar borrower here – so all you have to do to get more points is share your story with us!

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Now you can get access to our In-Network loans which have even higher amounts, better rates, and longer tenors – simply bring your employer on board.

ioumoney online loan guide

IOUMoney Online Loans Guide [e-Book]How to Apply & Receive Your First Loan Into Your Bank Account
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